EAH Housing Eviction Fraud

The EAH Housing eviction fraud scandal occurred in 2012 at Markham Plaza Apartments in San Jose, California. In this corruption scandal, court and county officials and two private law firms unlawfully involved themselves in the criminal activity of Markham Plaza Property Management and backed management’s violent actions toward tenant rights organizers, and hostile aggression toward neighboring commercial and residential developments.  The Markham Plaza residents turned to  Rev. Cary-Andrew Crittenden for help to bring peace and stability to the apartment complex.  Rev. Crittenden brought with him several other groups and organizations, Some came on their own

Issues of concern were hostile living environment, threats and harassment and retaliation by management against the residents.  Residents wanted to be able to bring their concerns to property management without fear of retribution.

Heidi Yauman, a brain damaged tenant was savagely abused and eviction proceeding was done via fraud by Ryan Mayberry, attorney for Markham Plaza apartments. The same acts of fraud were used to deny a neighbor accommodations pursuant to the American’s with Disabilities act.  The neighbor, Robert Moss was found dead in his apartment.

Santa Clara County and court officials subjected the residents to harassment and danger  attempted to cover up crimes by property management..

Markham plaza san jose map

Then the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s department (Detective David Carroll) and others interfered with investigation by U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and also a whistle blower complaint regarding fraud by county counsel attorney, Larry Kubo

Then later, Detective Carroll targeted Rev. Crittenden by railroading him in criminal court case: C11493022  ( See Falsified Police Reports )


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