Exculpatory Evidence Withheld in Prosecution of Whisleblower

Do Santa Clara County Sheriff deputies lie? As the old saying goes “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link” so when Bad Apple police officers like detectives David Carroll and Samy Tarazi lie, it destroys the integrity of all police everywhere and further erodes public trust.

It’s one thing having a few bad officers and another when an entire department abuses their authority and “blatantly lies”. To fabricate violations of law so that law is used as a tool to stop people from reporting corruption, crime by judges, lawyers, social workers, police and an entire county running amuck.

Santa Clara County Court

What has happened in Santa Clara County California is a total injustice. An honest man reports violations of rights and corruption. He files a federal whistleblower complaint with the County Executive’s office. instead of investigating and prosecuting those responsible for the crimes that occurred, the County Executive’s office dispatched the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department after Mr. Crittenden to stalk him, harass him, oppress him and ultimately to frame him for a crime he did not commit.

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Digging deeper, Crittenden and his team learn that judges, lawyers, the DA and officials from many County agencies are corrupt & orchestrating a massive harassment campaign and the Public defender is giving the green light to the sheriff’s departments hammering out false police reports.


The Santa Clara County Executive is Pressuring the Santa Clara County Public Defender’s office to ignore the falsified police reports, Prosecutorial misconduct and to cooperate with the Malicious prosecution, and to suppress evidence clearly proving that fraud was committed to secure the wrongful conviction.

The Assistant District Attorney even directed the Sheriff’s Department to threaten his family and friends and had Crittenden arrested in retaliation for publishing news article about Case# C1493022 plus filed a fake restraining order against him.


The objective is to suppress Crittenden from exposing the corruption which has infected an entire county, prevent him from advocating for and empowering crime victims and to put fear into the hearts of good law abiding citizens that they too
could become targets if they dare to speak out against the brutal criminal syndicate that has invested and entrenched itself in Santa Clara County government and their Judicial System.

Please help make this matter very public.

Please contact Santa Clara County Supervisor Joe Simitian at Joe.Simitian@bos.sccgov.org or call (408) 299-5050

Request that the Public Defender’s office investigate the false police reports and stop suppressing evidence proving that fraud has occurred and to STOP THE MALICIOUS PROSECUTION OF CARY-CRITTENDEN


Police and Judges Terrorize Innocent People Who Expose their Crimes and Murder

Please share far and wide on all social networks & generate many phone calls and emails from around the world.


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