San Jose Police Santa Clara County Sheriff Corruption LAPD Rampart CRASH

I am familiar enough with the San Jose to know that this kind of behavior is not very unusual at all.

The San Jose police department has improved a bit however, over the last few years, and Chief Chris Moore was actually a pretty good guy & assistant chief Eddie Garcia & HUGE IMPROVEMENT over last few years.  Even with some of the same dirty cops in the lower ranks, at least they are better supervised than they used to be


Nowa days, at least the San Jose Police Department’s command officers make an effort to holding the lower ranking officers accountable & before, all they would do was make excuses . I’m not saying they still don’t make excuses, but I do think there has been improvement, and a measurable degree of improvement has occurred,  whereas in the past, the accountability was next to none.

The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department however, they are a corrupt and dirty bunch of mobsters, and this Corruption is becoming more and more widespread, and, is starting to resemble Los Angeles Police Department’s RAMPART Crash unit. Not only with the behavior of the officers, but the internal controls are malfunctioning and out of whack,and systemically these are the same kind of conditions that enabled the Corruption within LAPD to flourish as it did.

(Corruption is not the same as Civil Rights abuse, but there is strong nexus between these things) & again, what we are seeing with Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department is much like LAPD in late 90s.

Much like how a petri dish breeds bacteria, the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department has become a “Petri Dish” for breeding police Corruption.

I am not anti-cop or against police. I am all for having a police department who’s officers are true and loyal to oath they took to the U.S. CONSTITUTION and I believe their purpose is to AND MUST BE to protect and serve, and to KEEP THE PEACE, not like the dark, warped, sick and twisted demented and diabolical entity the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department has mutated into, where instead of to “Protect and Serve”,  they are like pirates with the slogan, ” TO RAPE, PILLAGE, MURDER, AND ROB”, which certainly is not much to take pride for.


Another systemic problem is of course, not only that they have no concept of right and wrong, and that they lurk in an “ETHICS FREE ZONE“, with no respect for and little concept of what the constitution that they supposedly took oath to, but also that many of the laws that they enforce are unconstitutional and the judges that ” regulate””such matters, especially here in Santa Clara County also have very poor oversight & we need better checks and balances to the California Commission of Judicial Performance, & better internal controls. For this, we need to revise Article VI Section 18 of the State Constitution to fix this broken & distorted agency which, in a nutshell, has become a stinky smelly polluted bureaucratic swamp.


It is NOT ENTIRELY the government’s fault either that things have gotten so bad. It is the citizen’s fault to for not seeing it, recognizing it & for not taking part to improve things.  It is Ok to BLAME the system, but not until after realizing that WE ARE ALL PART OF IT, and like “Big Brother”, we also have obligation to ourselves, our neighbors  and our communities to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY.



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