Whistle blowers report harassment and intimidation by Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department after coming forward with complaints on Judicial Misconduct and corruption by Judge Socrates Peter Manoukian

help cary andrew crittenden EXPOSE Judge Socrated Manoukian from abusing the disabled
FACT: Some Judges can and will commit crimes, the problem is exposing them and getting them prosecuted. When someone exposes a judge the first thing they do is attack the person who reports them. Police often side with the judge because they can’t be objective due to working under that judge. This allows unethical judges to commit crimes, abuse victims and stay immune to prosecution.

Mark Arthur Ciavarella Jr. is a convicted felon and former President Judge of the Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania who committed, along with fellow judge Michael Conahan, the “Kids for cash” scandal in 2008
See this story

The problem with bringing Ciavarella to justice was getting police who protected the judge to accept the crimes and be objective. Now another unethical judge has been exposed and is avoiding prosecution.

Santa Clara County California San Jose Judge Peter Socrates Manoukian was found to be involved in sabotaging cases involving senior citizens and the disabled.

CORRUPT SANTA CLARA COUNTY JUDGE SABOTAGING COURT CASES – RUINING LIVES! These are actual case numbers for Santa Clara County Court

The crimes and abuse also include  Santa Clara County Public Guardian who is entrusted with the lives and life savings of senior citizens. When the crimes and abuse were reported to them nothing was done and the events where ignored.

The district attorney and lawyers and police all have failed to investigate and instead appear to covering up evidence and attempting to stop those who are coming forward.

Conservatee Victim: Heidi Yauman, filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development pertaining to her illegal eviction from Markham Plaza Apartments which was facilitated by Santa Clara County Deputy Public Guardian: Arlene Peterson. ( Arlene.Peterson@SSA.SCCGOV.ORG ) the complaint mysterioulsy was stopped
CASE# 1-12-CV-226958 /  I HUD INQUIRY: 345092
Please view the videos below
I Team Investigates Santa Clara county Public Guardian

Elder Abuse in Santa Clara County IGNORED by Law Enforcement and District Attorney

Santa Clara County Public Guardian facilitates illegal eviction from Markham Plaza HUD subsidised Apartments

Efforts to bring the evidence to the public hindered by judge who claims he is being terrorissed

Major Corruption Organization informed about Judge Socrates Manoukian, judge claims film crew is threatening him with weapons

Facebook Page organization exposing the unethical Judge Manokian “Please like the page”

Santa Clara County Sheriff Department is being mis-led by Judge Socrates Manoukian, who claims he’s the victim, the judge is abusing his power by influencing the authorities to stop any investigation and aide for the real victims.

PLEASE SHARE THE IMAGE AND THE ATTACHED INFORMATION, The only way to stop unethical judges who abuse citizens, law and our constitution is to EXPOSE THEM AND THEIR CRIMES TO THE NATION




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